Friday, June 01, 2007

Secret Project Revealed

I can now reveal the secret project I was working on a couple weeks ago. As it is in the hands of it's new owner: Frost's Mum.

French Market Tote...

Pattern: French Market Tote from Knitty
Started: Wednesday May 16th 2007. At 11pm, after four attempts the bottom of the bag was coming along without mistakes.
Completed: Sunday May 21, 2007. At 11:52pm the handles were ready to be kitchener stitched. Which I actually did the following day and then threw it in the washing machine to felt.
Yarn Used: Debbie Bliss Chunky Donegal Tweed, (Blue) Alafoss Lopi (Grey)
Mods: Called for 4.5mm needle, I used 4.0mm needles.

Here it is before felting....

After felting....

You may notice the bag didn't felt as much on the bottom as it did on the top. Resulting in a much larger finished tote than described in the pattern. I was extremely pleased with the result. You now know why my fingers were a wee bit sore. Not to worry they are back to normal and so is my slow knitting.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of it when it was completely dry. I am hoping a fab photo taken by Frost's Dad, of the tote and the birthday girl will be in my e-mail inbox in the next couple of weeks, which I can then add to this post.

UPDATE: Frost's Mum and the French Market Tote


Carla said...

Hello French Market Tote, I remember you when you were just a ball of yarn. You grew up to be a beatiful bag for Frost's Mum!

Carla said...

Hey, I just noticed the updated picture of the tote with its rightful new companion. Mama Frost looks nice, and so does her tree and of course the tote!