Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sock, Books and Patterns OH MY

This is the current progress on my socks for Kelly.

I finally picked them up again last Thursday after a three week hiatus. Sock one was finished Sunday afternoon. Monday the beginning of the second sock got some action, when Frost got a flat tire on the island, and we had to wait an hour for the ferry back to the mainland. I finished the cuff yesterday between work locations and now it's just knit knit knit til the end. Yay!

Since getting my invite to Ravelry and thus putting my stash online, for all the world to see, I have become much more aware how much yarn I own. 26 yarns are listed on my stash page at the moment. That being from the first of two rubbermaid boxes and the smaller of the two at that. My mission, well since June really, has been to curtail my yarn purchases.

Okay, so I may have fallen off the wagon when Michelle got her order of Dream In Color yarn into the store but other than that.............

Instead of buying yarn, I have been trying to grow a more rounded collection of pattern books and magazines and the occasional pair of needles. Why I ask you, is it, that everytime I find a new pattern I want to knit I don't have the required needles? Blah!

Anyways my point is that my knitting book library now has it's own shelf, on my bookcase.
Please note said shelf is only 14.5 inches in length.

One of my newest book acquirements is....

I don't plan on knitting myself a wedding dress, unless we decide to get married in 2020. The one in this book would never look good on my figure, although I do like the idea of mending the pattern so that the dress is knee length rather than trailing around the ground. I am also not to keen on the bell sleeves and would rather it be sleeveless. BIG OH MY!

Last but not least for today is that my fall issue of Interweave Knits arrived yesterday and there are not one not two but five patterns I would love to knit from the magazine. I will just leave then for you to see for yourself to drool over.

Tilted Duster

Leavened Raglan

Cobblestone Pullover

Little Red Dress

Free pattern at


Carla said...
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Carla said...

Love those socks, great colours! Lucky what's-her-name who they are for. She loved the colours too.

I had Wedding Knits out from the library, there are some neat things in there! I hardly ever buy knitting books because I get them from the library, or use online patterns. But I should, they're so nice to have around!

You list your stash on Ravelry!? I've got 826 people ahead of me...should let me in soon-ish.

mjm knitting said...

hopefully by the weekend you will have gotten your invite. fingers crossed.

Yes it's so cool you list your stash, your wips, needles, books, things you want to knit etc. on ravelry. Everything that has to do with knitting. You can even type in a brand of yarn and find out what patterns other kntters have used it with. It's such a great site. (did you delete your comment from yesterday?)