Sunday, September 30, 2007

The skills of crochet

I had my two intro to crochet classes today and last sunday.

So far I have made a square of crochet rows and today a circle of crochet rows in the hopes of it turning into a hat. Sorry I am lacking in proper crochet terminology at the moment. It may not be the best looking hat in the world, with many many mistakes along the way but it will resemble the art of crochet and for now that is all I am hoping for.

Forging ahead with delight. Photos to come in the days ahead.

P.S. Where the bloody hell did September go??? Anyone? Anyone?

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Carla said...

I didn't see September leave either! The crafty world will open up for you now that you're learning crochet! I want to learn, too. There's a pattern for a crocheted lip balm holder I want to make, and I bet the Dalek would be easier in crochet.