Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I currently have two works in progress on the needles.

The first is the Quickie Summer Bolero, by Kate Atherley.
The yarn is Dream in Color, Deep Seaflower colourway.

The second is a Mini Clapotis. I found the instructions for a drop scarf clapotis at kpixie.com
I liked the idea of making a smaller clapotis to use up some of my stash.
The yarn is SWTC Phoenix, turquoise colourway.

In other news.....

I have mistaken two green apple flavoured bertie botts for grass and a grape one for dirt. I am staying away from vomit, rotten egg, sardine, earwax, earthworm and booger.

Yesterday Frost and I went to WONG's the fish shop in the eastend Little Chinatown. We came home with five more neons-blue neons rock and another loach. We previously had two loaches to clean up the snail overpopulation but one of them passed so with decided the one that remained needed a buddy. Low and behold this morning the little loach wasn't in the tank, NOT ANYWHERE. We can only suspect that the big loach ate the little loach. :-( What's even worse is that the loach was not cheap- a $10.00 meal for the big loach-he'd better had enjoyed it the bugger!


Michelle said...

I love the deep seaflower. I am *almost* doing a shawl in the fingering weight!

Carla said...

I'm thinking of doing a Clapotis, too, yours is coning out nice. Adn the bolero is nice too, I still haven't worn mine but it's in a teal blue solid, a little brighter than yours. Nice!

Those loach guys eat each other?