Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spoils from Mystery Grrrl

Yesterday when I got home from work, a package from my secret pal, Mystery Grrrl, was on my doorstep. What a surprise as she had just written to me over the weekend saying that it would arrive in the next ten days. I just assumed the parcel would arrive in the latter half of the 10 days not three days after she posted it.


Inside were two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky, with which to make the Audrey Purse pattern that was included in the package. As well as pens! Lots and lots of pens. 12 mini gels pens which are great since I am always in need of a pen and a very cute face pen. Which has a clip so I can attach it to my handbag.

Thanks so much Mystery Grrrl! and to the Mystery household as I am told it was a collaborative affair!

Here's Lenix checking out the loot:


MG said...

The Mystery Household (tm) says "You're Welcome" (grin)

You make that jumble look a whole lot prettier than I could. The catbutt in the photo is a particularly smashing accessory ;)

Carla said...

Nice stuff! That bag will look nice in that blue yarn.

kasiaiscarly said...

ooh . . . love the color. . .is it persian peacock? i just got a skein of that myself and i LOVE it!