Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crochet News

FOR JINXSA, who wanted photographic proof which I had originally promised a few weeks back.

So far, I have yet to complete my hat from the crochet crash course I took at Lettuce Knits at the end of September. I have been on the procrastinating train as of late, only because the hat is actually too big. The last time the hat was in hand I was attempting to decrease the number of chain stitches.

So here some snaps of my crochet hat in progress.

Swatch-don't know what chain stitches they are, as I have forgotten but don't they look purrrr-dee?

Crochet Hat

Self wearing hat

Notice hat doesn't sit properly on head

Instead of it being a shapely fitting hat, I think it will end up being more beret like.

I still am feeling the vibe from crochet and will soon be starting a crochet scarf. YAY!


Carla said...

Crochet! You'll have to show me how to count which is "the next stitch" sometime. New yarn store coming to your 'hood! Will be called the Purple Purl.

Dipsy said...

You're right, this hat looks more like a beret - but a perfectly beautiful beret indeed! I love its style, it looks hip and funky and... great! My gsh, I'd so love to be a bit better with crocheting - I know the basics, but that's about it! But now I've ordered a "Crochet for Dummies" book - let's see if that'll work for me ;)


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