Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knitting News

Ravelry has asked to use a photo of mine for the Berroco Boho yarn page. How exciting!!!!!

I have finished the Quickie Summer Bolero. Which wasn't all that quick, as it took me almost a month and a half to complete the project. It will be tucked away until next years summer season, but not before I sew in the ends and take some photos of it. Believe you me, I have so many FO that need the ends sewn!!!!

My Drop Stitch Clapotis Style Scarf is done as well. Again need to sew in the ends before photos can be shown.


Jinxsa said...

Yes, I immediately went to check out the BoHo PAGE...I loved the pics from the last post but where are the crochet swatches? (I recently fell down the "hooking hole")

Carla said...

I made that Quickie Summer Bolero too, and haven't worn it yet because I think it makes my boobs look humungous. Don't you just love that kind of sleeve? So much better than having to sew the sleeve on, which I put off forever.