Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Since we are staying in town this year for the holidays, and it's our first Christmas together in our own flat, we had to get ourselves a tree. In previous years we have been together but either in Ottawa or in the Uk so our little pad was never decorated for the holidays.

We went to the east end garden centre and picked this little fella up last Friday. Over the course of the week we found decorations for the tree, since all we had was a Homer Simpson Santa ornament. It's now complete, for this year anyways. We picked up the fairy (our tree topper), a "joy" bird (in honour of Frost's Nanny's given name and my middle name), and a stain glass star from Spahhh. I do want to make crochet snowflakes but I think that will have to wait until January for next years tree.

The thing I love most about this tree is that since it's still got it's root ball, we can plant it in the back garden in the spring.


Andrea said...

That's a cute tree. I like the shape of it.

mjm knitting said...

Thanks Andrea! Me too.