Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow snow snow

I was so excited when I looked outside this morning. We got a big dumping of snow in Toronto overnight. There was a good six inches of the white stuff. Enough to make me go outside and shovel it instead of letting it melt, as I did a week and a half ago when we got a light dusting. Not that it's anything close to the amount they got on Vancouver Island!

Winter certainly seems to be here to stay. The great thing about the snow is that it's that fluffy packable snow great for snowball fights. The only drawback is the neighbors who choose to shovel the snow from their sidewalk onto the road instead of onto their own lawns. (just a little pet peeve of mine)


Team Knit ! said...

It was SO gorgoeus here this morning, I just loved it. It made me so happy. Toronto is prettier in the winter for it. Can't say much about the rain that's going on now, though....

- Julie

mjm knitting said...

At least the rain didn't take all of the snow overnight. There is still a bit out there today!