Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A week ago today

I started crocheting my wedding dress last Tuesday while at the Purple Purl's New Year's day Pajama Party.

Jennifer and Miko, the lovely owners of the Purple Purl, have graciously offered me to take up a chair in their shop whenever I can to work on my dress over the coming months (fingers crossed it will be done by end of April), and thus avoiding the following:

(A) Frost seeing anything that has to do with the production of this dress
(B) I am not tempted to show him the work in progress

They also found me a box to store the dress into, happily dubbed by yours truly as "the wedding dress box", that lives at the shop. (not the best name I've ever come up with but it will surfice for now.)
How cool are they?

To date I have logged in 22 hours on the dress. Although not all that time was spent solely on the dress as I am in a yarn shop! I cannot resist fondling the merchandise every now and again, especially since discovering it's not good for my backside to sit in one spot for more that an hour or two.

The worst so far was the first five hours I spent on the dress and I only managed only to do the 2 rows. The foundation row and the set up row. Only to discover the set up row was wrong and I had to rip it all out. Sunday was also bit of a pain when I kept making the same mistake and must of ripped back to the same area three times. I finally got past the row and proclaimed. THAT ROW WAS A BITCH!

So far, everyone has been so kind and encouraging when they see me working on the dress, which just makes me that more determined to complete the project no matter how many hours I log on it.

I think Tuesdays will come to be dress update day. Although I won't be able to post photos since Frost does look at my blog from time to time and I don't want him sneaking a peak. However should you stop by to visit the amazing shop that is the Purple Purl, and the wonderful ladies that own it, you may just find me there in one of the numerous chairs working on my dress.


Michelle said...

I totally forgot about the New Years party! Boo me!
Can't wait to see the dress though..how exciting!

Andrea said...

Ohhh... crocheting your wedding dress!! That's ambitious but wonderful. Looking forward to seeing it.

Opal said...

What a worthy undertaking! I too, look forward to seeing it. :)

Team Knit ! said...

That's incredible!! It's going to be so amazing, i can't wait to see the finished dress! That's great of the Purple Purl- they're good people!


Carla said...

That's great you can keep it out of his sight! I was there last night for the SnB, it was jam packed. Got some nice red soy silk.

mjm knitting said...

Thanks Ladies!!!!!!