Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take back the Wool

First there were four

Then there were twelve

Add a few more to the mix and you got one knitter scared for her life with no implements to defend herself with.

This was the debacle that ensued after descending Colmer's Hill. They may have been trying to follow me home but I suspect they just wanted their wool returned.

Note to self: never baa at sheep even if they do baa first.


Sherri said...

See - there's the difference between you and me - I would have been trying to con them out of their lovely fleece!

Did they baaaa with an accent?

Opal said...

LOL Run for the hills! Oh wait... you were already *on* a hill. *eep*

Carla said...

hee hee, they're peaceful but it's unnerving when bigger animals get close eh? Say hi to Lennix for me.

nick said...

Its because they knew you were a knitter!