Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday dress update.

Last week was my first week back working on the dress in a month. As you may have noticed from the lack of posting during the month of February, I had been on vacation in Britain and France. Not just vacation mind you, there was planning for a post wedding party to sort out, and friends and family to visit.

The first day back working on the dress, (last wednesday) was a bit of a struggle getting back into the routine of crocheting again. While away, I had only taken knitting related items to work on. I am glad to report that by week's end progress was at a very steady pace.

Real life is going to kick in next week when I am back at work so the more I get done this week the better. That begin said, I just might be occupying a chair at The Purple Purl for the next five days during their regular business hours. So if you want to see the dress, or are in need of some knitting supplies, or goodie goodness (smore's bar, lemon cheesecake, chocolate cookie, or cupcake perhaps), come on by.


Carla said...

Does that mean the cafe part is open now?

mjm knitting said...

yes the cafe is open for business.

and they have vegan truffles!