Saturday, October 25, 2008

And so it grows

This is the progress thus far on my End of Days Wrap.
Have I mentioned it's being knit with 2.0mm needles.
I must have been on crack when I decided that one.

Since the photo was taken, I've finished with the green and started on the more vibrant purple, (what looks like fuchsia in the photo) and have attached the first ball of yarn to the second with a bit of spit splicing. Gotta love natural fibers.

Only 30 more or so pattern repeats to go.


Sherri said...

Hang in there M. Having seen it in person I know how beautiful it is. If you ever need to find it a good home I know of one :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember when you started that... Memories. Its so pretty... so keep 'er going.