Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Super 8 Movie

While in Dorset in September, Frost picked up an old super 8 video camera. He tested it the day we climbed Colmer's Hill and here is the result. Enjoy

And now for some knitting content, that has been sorely lacking of late on this blog.

First up a cabled baby hat i made for a friend, who's baby boy is due the middle of November. There were booties to go with but I haven't yet tweaked the photo yet. They were gifted to said friend last week and she loved em. Yay.

And a lace bookmark, for the Knitting 20th Century Novels, ravelry group swap I participated in.


Anonymous said...

That video is so sweet... It's like you have a music video for your wedding. I love it! And I cried a little... So I need a hug when I see you next, k?

Sometimes I'm so... female.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Melinda...a memory that will last both of you your lifetimes...
xo Naomi