Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea Time

With my newest and most favorite mug of the moment.

Wanna close up?

How cool am I?

Now where did I get this here little beauty?

You'll never guess.

Unless of course you have one of your own.

Personally, I have been on a hunt for one since November.

When, I found a thread on ravelry that they were being sold at a local grocery store in Britain.

I kept my eye out at every grocery store we frequented while in the UK during the holidays.

However, my friends, I didn't find mine in Sainsbury's.

Nope mine came from a shop down the road.

I don't go there often, because well I don't drink coffee.

Also, I think they charge a bit too much for their drinks anyways.

However I was content enough to hand them over $11.25 (that includes the tax here in ontario)

Even if it is the most i've ever paid for a mug

I figure it was all they'd be getting out of me this year anyways,

So what the hell.

Now if you want one of your own.

And don't go all crazy and reck havoc on this establishment.

And for goodness sake don't tell them I sent you.

Because really I am not trying to promote their store.

But you too can get one of your very own mugs.

Just like mine.

At a starbucks near you.


Trillian42 said...

LOL - A friend of mine gave one to me for a thank-you gift when we finished the show this year. Isn't it the cutest?

Anonymous said...

You're too funny... I knew you were going to say Starbucks. Nice mug!

Sherri said...

I have a teeny tiny Christmas tree ornament that's a teapot in an aran sweater - it completely matches your cup!

Carla said...

ha, I've been looking for one any time I'm at Starbucks, too! Some other knitters on FB were talking about them. Lucky you!

Jinxsa said...

I ran out and bought 2, well I ran out and made Ian drive me to all 3 Starbucks until I found some. New fave hottie mugs. Pass the marshmellows please. For tea I like fancy china or my Disney Princess travel mug. I'm complicated like that.