Monday, March 09, 2009

San Francisco

I've just come back from a week away in San Francisco. We spent two days in the city and then headed to wine country for a couple of days. After that we decided that if we stayed in wine country any longer a lot more wine tasting and buying would ensue so we headed south to Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur.

By 4pm yesterday afternoon, I'd downloaded all the photos off my camera and uploaded a selection to flickr. That's certainly a first in my last few years of traveling. It was a wonderful holiday and I have a list of things to do for when we go back.

Here's one of my favourite photos of the trip.

The rest of the photos can be found on my flickr account.

This was the first time I decided not to have a list of yarn shops in hand, but let fate takes it's course if we came across any. Turned out I didn't need fate, just my husband, as he found not one, not two, but five yarn shops on our travels.

The first, Greenwich Yarns, in San Francisco. It was 5:40pm when we walked passed and while the door said they closed at 5:30pm, there was still ladies inside and they let me come in and have a peek. While I didn't pick up any yarn, I did get the latest copy of IK Spring 2009.

The second, Yarns on First, in Napa. Here I got my one and only skein of souvenir yarn. Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Yarn Name: Texas, Dye Lot: Reds. The store was arranged by colour so it was a bit hard to get my head around the layout at first.

The third, Monarch Knitting and Quilts, in Pacific Grove. They had Lucy Neatby yarn and some that had the look and texture of Briggs and Little but was named something else, however I was on the hunt for Californian yarn.

The fourth, Knitting by the Sea, in Carmel (where Clint Eastwood was once mayor) had the least amount of stock I have ever seen in a yarn shop. It was the opposite to the shelves overflowing with yarn. It was a nice space but again I found no yarn that wasn't readily available here in Toronto.

The last knitting store was Fengari, in Half Moon Bay, which was shock full of stock. I did see some more Chasing Rainbows yarn and was on the verge of scooping up yet another skein of sock yarn but decided to stick to just the one skein of souvenir yarn this trip.

During the trip I knitted only on the flight to SF and while in the waiting lounge to come home. However I did finish a scarf out of the Rabbit Ridge Yarn, I picked up in Alaska last May. Photos next post.


cindi said...

Huge, giant sob! You were so close to Sacramento! I wish I could have seen you on your trip. I'm glad you enjoyed Northern California. :-)

Carla said...

That is a great photo! Sounds like they have a vibrant knitting scene out there, even without cold winters. I have to start blogging again! I'm pretty busy the next couple weeks but let's SnB or brunch later in April, it's been too long!