Saturday, July 04, 2009

Movie Night

We just got back from seeing a double bill at the Fox Theatre after first going out to dinner with my hubby.
It's been ages since we went to the movies, and was lots of fun.
First up was Star Trek, followed by Drag Me to Hell.

I loved Star Trek, and didn't even recognize Winona Ryder until the credits were rolling. Therefore I will have to see it again. All the actors were well suited to the characters. Bones/McCoy was my favorite.

Drag me to Hell was a very classic Sam Raimi film. Horror films are not my favorite, as I tend to jump out of my skin more times than I'd like to admit, but it was funny as well as being scary.

I highly recommend both if you haven't seen them already.

As for the restaurant we checked out this evening, Balsam,in the Beaches.
The food at the restaurant was mediocre, but the fresh strawberry daiquiri divine.

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Lise said...

Fek. Miko and I saw Hangover - sounds like we would have had a better time lurking in the row behind you :)