Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was on a roll

For a while there, I was on a roll with regular blogging. To be honest though, I was actually typing up posts a day or two before and then scheduling them to be published on certain days. Then of course work got in the way and I didn't have much to talk about.

The weather in Toronto has suddenly turned hot. Not that I am complaining. I was quite enjoying the mild and wet summer we were having. I was just a tad disappointed that our tomatoes were talking so long to ripen from lack of hotter weather. Then wham, heat wave of the year. It's not been too bad at our place. Luckily enough we have an air conditioner in our bedroom, and I am happy to report that we have only used it the last five nights. That's pretty spectacular in my book. It's the middle of august and we have just started using it now.

On a knitting and crocheting front, I haven't knitted at all in the last couple of days. I did a bit of crocheting on sunday while traveling on the ttc to work, but didn't touch either of my current projects yesterday.

I did manage to untangle a friends skein of yarn, which hopefully I'll be able to give back to him tonight. He gave it to me last thursday afternoon (sometime around 1 pm), and by 10 am saturday morning it was no longer a tangled mess but a ball of beauty. Malabrigo sock beauty to boot. I don't have a photo to share of the tangled mess, I wish now that i'd taken one to begin with but you'll just have to take my word for it that it was one heaping mess.

At one point Thursday night, I did have an evil thought of just cutting the mid side ball I had already managed to wind in lieu of continuing on trying to salvage the yarn into one full size ball. I hatched a plan to say I'd pulled at the yarn so hard it had snapped but then came to my senses and realized it was time to step away from the whole thing for the night. After work on Friday, I had an hour to spare, so worked on it before Frost came home and we went out for dinner. I managed to get through the mess I was having trouble with the previous night and knew I was on a clear path to having it all fixed by the next time I worked on it. I was so eager to get it finished that when I got up saturday morning, I made myself a cup of tea and went to work finishing it within a couple hours or so.

To be honest however, had this skein of malabrigo sock yarn not been a variegated colourway, I would never have taken on the project. Since it was variegated, it was much easier to decipher where the yarn was coming from while trying to untangle it.

It seems a bit cooler today. 10:30 am and it's overcast and cloudy. The weather forecast online says it's currently 24 degrees and there are thunderstorms scheduled for this afternoon. Time for me to do a few errands before the storms come me thinks, and maybe knit a stitch or two.


Team Knit ! said...

haha, this hot Toronto weather is both a blessing and a curse! I love that it's finally hot, but it feels a bit too hot- my apartment is sooo stifling.

- Julie

Jasmine said...

You are the whisperer of tangled messy skeins and courageous defender of cuteness! That scrumptious yarn is now back in ball form, ready to be made into the Eliina shawl which will be amazing when its owner finishes it. Yay!

Lise said...

Detangling is one of my favourite jobs, and malabrigo is so worth it. Glad the skein didn't snap while you were working on it ;)