Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new skein of Yarn

The best thing about being a knitter is the kindness and genrosity that we bestow upon our fellow knitters. The karma effect of doing one small random act of kindness most often results in something happening to you in turn.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I offered to and was lucky enough be able to untangle a friends skein of yarn. About the same time as he and I were discussing when we'd be at the shop again at the same time for him to hand off the yarn to me, another fellow knitter from my lys, and whom I consider a very awesome and wonderful friend, ask me if I wanted a skein of her yarn.

This of course just wasn't any old skein of yarn. It was one she'd won at a previous knitty yarn roundtable night. As she was the first number called at the end of the night, she picked the lovely skein of lorna's laces pearl in a green colourway that was being raffled off. I was lucky enough to have my number called second and pounced on the blue colourway of the same yarn. To make a bit of a long storey short, Carol offered me her skein of yarn in the green colourway becasue she didn't feel she'd like working with it as much as I had mine. How awesome is that?

I used my skein of lorna's laces pearl yarn to make a knotted open work scarf. Which is on my ravelry project page and still needs to be blocked and have proper photos taken of. With Carol's skein of yarn, I am going to make a cowl. Right now it's down to two patterns. Either the Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik or the Beech Wood cowl by Ilga Lega, of which I'd have more than enough yarn. I am itching to work with the yarn right away but must wait until either the noro granny square lap blanket or the eliina shawl is completed.

So meet my new skein of yarn. Gifted to me, by my friend and the very generous Carol. I just looked at the ball band and noticed the colourway is called Fiddlehead. I love eating fiddleheads and think it's the perfect name for this colourway.

Thanks again Carol!


kittenpie007 said...

what an awesome skein!! a great treat, for sure.

- Julie

Team Knit ! said...

Erm, that was my post up there, sorry! I was logged into the wrong account.

- Julie