Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Review Monday

Last Saturday night we rented The watchmen. I had read the book previously, so that I could compare it to the movie when we went to the theatres to see it. Unfortunately by the time I'd finished the book, the movie was out of the theatres. It was great and action packed. We started watching it at 9:30pm and the three and a half hours just flew by. It was pretty true to the book and I think Alan Moore should be pretty happy with the end result. It's as if his book truly came to life.

This past Friday night, we watched On the Waterfront, with Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint. It was Frost's choice and halfway through the movie I still wasn't sure what the name of it was called. It was however very good for having been released in 1954 and therefore an old black and white movie. I had never really seen an entire Brando film before and was quite surprised by how perfect his skin was on screen. Make-up? Soft focus filter? Who knows but it was a good movie non the less.

On Saturday night, much to my delight we rented Coraline. We had gone to the film buff around the corner from us, as I was craving peanut butter ice cream. After about half an hour in the shop, I spotted it. I think it had just been returned and I was just lucky enough to notice it, after one of the chaps who works there, was restocking the shelves. It was fantabulous. I loved it. I might even have to get myself a copy of it when I come across it. To think it was all done as stock animation as opposed to someone sitting at a computer is mind boggling. If you haven't already, you should rent this movie.

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Team Knit ! said...

I read and saw The Watchmen, too! I enjoyed the film, but had a chuckle over the really long sex scene- it was only 2-3 panels in the book, but went on and on in the film!

I'm dying to see Coraline, it looks amazing. Glad you found some peanut butter ice cream!

- Julie