Saturday, August 08, 2009

A promise is a promise,

even if it's a day late.

So knitting content. I promised you knitting content. Well yesterday I purchased some yarn from my lys. Some very pretty yarn to be honest. I know all yarn is pretty, but these colourways just happened to fall into my line of sight recently and I couldn't let them stay in the shop.

This is manos del uruguay silk blend. 4 skeins came home in the bag with me. The colour of the actual yarn is a bit off in the photo, than when you see it in person. It is grey but there are subtle shades of green and pink throughout. The dye lot is number 3044 and Yarn Market gives it the name of Brair. I found three skeins of this yarn in the basement of the shop when helping out with their counting of inventory day. Luckily I found another skein upstairs on the shelves. I have no plans or slated project for this yarn yet. Which I am totally fine with.

The second batch of yarn I acquired yesterday, was 3 skeins of malabrigo sock yarn, in the Turner colourway. I was drawn to the colourway when another knitter showed me her knitted socks on Wednesday afternoon while at the shop. Later in the day I might have actually gone up to the wall of malabrigo and taken a skein off the wall and wrapped it around my neck. Only to be told by three friends/very good enablers that the colour suited me very well. Why 3 skeins you ask? Well I am not exactly sure yet what I will do with this yarn either. Not socks, that's for sure, so I need more than one skein. Two would have been plenty enough for a shawl of a wrap for myself. However with christmas knitting on the horizon I wanted one more skein, just in case i needed it for a quick knit present.

The third skein that I have acquired in the past week, thought not from my lys, (no gasps please from the balcony) was a skein of painted fleece yarn. Last sunday, Frost and I went to the Distillery here in the city to check it out as we hadn't been in months. We happened to come across the last day of the Artisans of the Distillery Craft Show. There were tents of white all along the cobblestone paths with distillery artisans showing off their wares. From jams and spreads to hand carved wood bowls and jewelry. Frost noticed the yarn stall way before I did and proceeded to drag me to it. The seller hand dyes the yarn here in Toronto, so I had to support a local dyer. As I was about to ask her if she carried her yarn at any of the yarn stores in Toronto, thinking it'd be a great addition to the shelves of my lys, she mentioned she had some at one in the city already. The colourway is called Peter Pan and it consists of 70% super wash merino and 30% silk It's also fingering weight yarn and with 400 yards I am not sure what this yarn will become. I am, however very happy to have it in my stash.


Anonymous said...

Pretty yarn! Can't wait to see what it becomes...

Lise said...

Lucky dog. That stuff looks awesome. If you don't feel like moving it, let me know - I'll find it a good home :D

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, the promise of new yarn!!

- Julie

Jasmine said...

Look at you and your stealth yarn shopping. Love, love, love the grey malabrigo (I confess I coveted it myself) and the sock yarn did totally suit you while it was around your neck!

Can't wait to see what you knit up with it all.

mjm knitting said...

Me five. If anyone has some ideas for this yarn they want to share I'm open to suggestions.