Saturday, September 10, 2011

A year and two days later....

I won't bore you with all the details of the last year. Let's just say it's been a great one.

I travelled with Frost to New York City for the very first time in October of 2010 as well as to Italy just after Christmas for our honeymoon (only two and a half years after the wedding). Polly Jean turned two while we were away on our Middle America road trip through Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. The cats are great although Lenix has put on a few pounds from being banished to the 2nd floor of the house for fear Polly-Jean will eat him. Tuesday not so much but they are all starting to come around to each other finally.

As for knitting, it comes and goes in spurts and waves but there is always a thing or two on the needles. I do believe it's declined heavily because of my newest obsession. ROLLER DERBY!!!! I failed graciously on my exam in July with ToRD but am starting up again this Wednesday with the GTA Rollergirls as ToRD (toronto roller derby) isn't doing another intake of Fresh Meat until next year. I am thrilled however that Miko, Rosa, Lise and Michelle all passed minimums and are now on ToRD's farm team the D'VAS.

Since February, with the beginning of roller derby, I now go to exercise class three mornings a week and have been using my bike more this summer than the last two previous summers combined. I can't believe how fast cycling gets me everywhere in the city, It's astounding and I love it.

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