Monday, January 06, 2014

Places to go next.

Years ago, when I wrote more prolifically in journals, every now and then I'd write down lists of cities/countries I wanted to go visit, books I wanted to read, movies to see and new places-restaurants, cafes, and stores-around the city to check out.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I've come to realize that all the cities and countries I wanted to visit in my twenties, I've been able to accomplish in seeing. Thanks in huge part to having a wonderful husband who also shares my love of traveling, and an extended family that lives in Europe. England, Paris, Nice, Italy, San Francisco, Chicago, and Ireland have all been checked off my early twenties list of places to go to and explore.

Now in my mid thirties, it's high time to make another list and see how long it takes to get there. Of course we have a little one who tags along now, so there will be some minor and major changes to our way of travelling. In the last year we discovered that renting a place that has a kitchen works way more efficiently and is better for all our sanities, than living out of a hotel room for a week. No flights longer than 8 hours. So therefore Australia and New Zealand will be on hold again for another decade minimum. Also night flights are way better for a child that day flights in my opinion. They've already had the day to exhaust themselves and it keeps their routine a bit more on schedule.

Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Iceland, as well as going back to the south of France are on my new list of where to go in Europe. As well as Scotland, but not in the winter cause that would be too much

As for North America, I'd love to take the car cross country to both the west coast and east coast, but I think those are two trips best saved for when G is a wee bit older and will remember it. I'd also like to go to a Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes tour one day. As well as go back to California and do all of Big Sur and see L.A.

I think I'm off to a good start.

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