Sunday, January 05, 2014

Stash Sunday

I've come up with a couple of new blog posts ideas in an effort to post more. The idea behind these posts is to highlight some yarn that's been kicking around in my stash for ages. I figure this will either shame me into actually using it or else gift it to someone who will actually use it.

So without further ado I bid you Stash Sundays.

The yarn above is one skein of Sweet Georgia Handpainted Sock Yarn. I stashed this yarn in ravelry's database back on July 25th, 2007. It's one of my most cherished skeins and has been sitting in my stash for almost 7 years. Why have I held onto it for so long? Well, shortly after this skein was gifted to me, (though I can't remember who from), Sweet Georgia went on hiatus. Not knowing if and when they would reopen I held onto this precious skein. Since Sweet Georgia is now back and dying up a storm, I think it's time to use this beauty up and make room for more yummy yarn.

The skein above is Zen Yarn Garden Alpaca Lace. I stashed this yarn in ravelry's database back on August 27th, 2007. This skein was an impulse purchase from the Sweet Sheep Shop, an awesome online store that closed it's doors just last week. The colourway is named English Fog and it does remind me of the fog i've seen many times in the English countryside in the past 10 years.

So what to do with these two yarn? I have no patience these days to knit something lace weight so why not combine the two. The yardage of the Alpaca Lace is double that of the Sock yarn but at least I'd use up half a skein of yarn. I've been trolling the patterns on ravelry for some inspiration but nothing has hit so far.

Perhaps it's an indication that I should attempt my hand at designing my own pattern. It's a very tempting new skill to accomplish in 2014.

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