Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Secret Pal Rocks....It Worked!

My secret pal is so sweet (and determined). She has been on the war path, the last few days, sending me emails of ways I can possibly have direct links in my posts. So here's the latest email suggested attempt.

While searching for knitting blogs on the internet I came across this funny one called You Knit What It's all about crazy, sometimes horrible patterns, that have been knitted. Most of their sources seem to come from fashion magazines. It's great fun.

And now just because I can check out Stuff on my Cat. Oh how I have laughed my ass off this morning. Especially after seeing this photo:


Tundra! said...

Hilarious photo - just wait until you get my next package.

cfknits said...

I like this one:

But I don't think you should let your silly boyfriend see that website, I can just imagine all the things T and L will end up wearing!!!!

mjm knitting said...

Oh no...have you sent my cats knitted outfit's tundra?
The BF would love that!

If he does find the website CF, I will not be helping him to "dress" the cats. It's hard enough trying to put their leeds on when taking them into the garden.

Annarella said...

Oh my god, this is hilarious!!!!